May 2024

7 May, 2024

PSP Black & White Ball Hunt

Join us for the last hunt from Purple Sloth Productions!

Free gifts with PSP tag features our Buddies all dressed up and some decorating extras.

There are Four Prizes

One and Two are seating sets for the Black and White Ball. Those need a break from dancing or awaiting their partners arrival can do so elegantly. One each size you get a Four seater and Two seater which also has Fonzo and Buddy all dressed up watching the action.

Special sparkle velvet and lace ball gowns for the kids make up prizes three and four. Bebe, Chonk, Youth, YouthChonk, Youth Old, Toddleedoo, Tweeneedoo can have a black and a white option to dress up for the event.

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4 May, 2024

Farewell Purple Sloth Productions!

While we will miss everyone who helped make PSP such a wonderful inclusive space, we will carry the memories and friendships forever! Thanks to you all! We leave you with these free gifts just wear your Purple Sloth Productions Tag to pick them up!

Cute Fort to hang out and play in wth our favorite sloth and hippo buddies.

Best buddies can stay with you forever and a matching cap with thier collectible buttons on it to wear in memory of the joys Purple Sloth Productions has brought you over the years.

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