9 January, 2024

New Jan 2024

Snowman Treat Tables and Hot Chocolate Tables:

Snowfence Poses for photo ops:

Cosy Seating sets regular & Tiny Dinkies

Snug Sets sized for Regular, Tweens, Kids and Tiny Dinkies

Fun in the snow with wearable items:

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1 December, 2023

December Freebees

Purple Sloth Production members can wear their PSP tag and get the cute set of Ornament Photo holders for free this month.

Anyone can get the cute Holiday chalkboard with a photo inset this month

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30 September, 2023

New Ghost Chairs

Cute sheeted ghost chairs have a touch menu so you can choose from three faces. Sale priced through end of the month.

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27 September, 2023

NEW Spook O Mat

Local Spook O Mat self serve meals are avialable 24/7 just watch out when getting a drink at Drac’s bar.

Comes sized for Regular or for Tiny and Dinkies avatars, both sale priced through the 31st of October.

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26 September, 2023

New Halloween Vendors

Fun Decor and giver vending machines for halloween.

Decor Halloween Costume Vendor one for Regular and one for Tiny Dinkies avatars.

Food and Drink Vendors that give temp rez treats via touch menu by size then flavour.

Fun set of decor claw machines with monstrous stuffies as prizes, both sizes included.

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24 September, 2023

New Halloween Furniture

Kawaii Halloween fun is foiund in both the Goblin Shelf with an array of themed collectibles displayed and the Boo Closet which gives a ghostly moan when the doors are opened or closed by touch.

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23 September, 2023

NEW Coffin Racers

Fun wearable vehicles sized for Regular, Tweens, Kids and Dinkies avatars. They are sold singly or in packs. Introductory sale prices are in effect through October.

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2 May, 2023


Wearable icecream trucks that have a cute cone exhaust, play music (touch cone for on/off), and give out cones by menu to those who touch the back of the truck. Comes in five sizes.

Icy Sweet Seats come in four sizes. Touch the icecream center and you can choose from 6 flavors.

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