3 November, 2022

Seasonal Chair Decor

Nice decorative piece which has 8 wreaths (2 for each season) which can be shown or use none. You can further personalize by choosing one of the many pillow textures.

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1 November, 2022

Nutty Home for Tiny & Dinkies

Introducing the Acorn House for Tiny & Dinkies. It has a second balcony floor and a nut cellar with a door that opens and closes on touch. There is even a working squirrel mailbox in cluded so frineds can drop you a note at your new place.

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29 September, 2022

Rest In Peace this Halloween!

We have two fun RIP sets on offer first is the best dirt nap in town …

Next are the RIP carts that are not only a fun decor item but sit up to two AVs for photo ops!

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25 September, 2022

Furry Fun for Halloween!

Our monster buddy seats will keep you company through out the season and beyond. The body fur and horns textures can be changed via HUD so you can have your own personal monster combo.

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26 July, 2022

August brings Happy Campers

Starting with a tent you touch to change textures on, a sleepbag with many cute camping related textures to choose from by touch and some adorable camper beds to bring the outdoors into any child’s, Tiny’s or Dinkies’ room.

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26 May, 2022

New for June 2022

Fun in the water is found at FlyingArts this month. We start off with an above ground pool done up as a lotus leaf with kawaii bug floats and a flowering fountain you can touch on/off. The pools all sit 4 avatars two in the pool and 2 on floats so you can enjoy it with friends and family.

Next we have a beautiful Waterlily Float for two. You can touch on/off spin on the floats.

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