7 December, 2023

The Menagerie Dec 8-22

Cute ornament frame with touch menu of 8 cute hippo and sloth holiday images. Only L$10 for the set for The Menagerie Sales Event

Only L$25 each some fun wearable sleds

Located nearby we do also have the regular and dinkies sized versions for the same sale price.

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6 October, 2023

The Menagerie Sales Oct 8-22 2023

Specially priced as a treat for Hallowen are six fun costumed Koko and Fonzo dolls for only L$25 each. Each package has a rezable doll and held sized for Regular, Tween and Kids.

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21 September, 2022

Island Weekend Sales Sep 23-25

This week’s new items up for sale at only L$99 will bring out the inner artist. The Painting Set comes with 2 canvases, touch to change the images painted upon them. The easels sit a single avatar with animations to paint, ponder and admire your work. There are also Painting Carts and Art Carts to give the room a more artistic flair. Normally the Painting Set runs L$175, the Painting Cart L$160 and the Art Cart L$140.

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15 September, 2022

Island Weekend Sales Sep 16-18

Kawaii Boba Shops are this weeks L$99 offer for the Island Weekend sale. The shops have lanterns that turn on an doff by touch and though the buildings them selves are sized for either reg or Tiny/Dinkies avatars the treats are good for all. Touch the shop to see a menu featuring a selection of 7 different animal topped drinks sized for system, bento hers, bento his, kids, Tiny and Dinkies.

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7 September, 2022

Island Weekend Sales Sep 9-11

This week’s new items up for sale at only L$99 are the 8bit Home Day Edition and the 8bit Home Night Edition. This original mesh one room building is done up in 8bit graphics inside and out. The pipe chimneys can be turned on and off by tough individually. The door opens and closes upon touch to game music. There is also an 8bit flowerbox to decorate around the home with. It is the perfect hideaway for any Gamer Geek. Comes in three sizes reg, kids and Tiny & Dinkies. Normally the building costs L$300.

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31 August, 2022

Island Weekend Sales Sep 2-4

This week’s new item up for sale at only L$99 is a fun 8bit Furniture Set. The set includes three lamps that touch on and off of pac and his ghosts. There is also a gamer TV that gives you 14 screen choices by touch. Finally the gamer 8bit couch with life heart pillows that sits two AVs who can game, snack or just relax. The set normally sells for L$280. This goes great in one of the 8bit Homes.

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