Second Life

7 May, 2024

PSP Black & White Ball Hunt

Join us for the last hunt from Purple Sloth Productions!

Free gifts with PSP tag features our Buddies all dressed up and some decorating extras.

There are Four Prizes

One and Two are seating sets for the Black and White Ball. Those need a break from dancing or awaiting their partners arrival can do so elegantly. One each size you get a Four seater and Two seater which also has Fonzo and Buddy all dressed up watching the action.

Special sparkle velvet and lace ball gowns for the kids make up prizes three and four. Bebe, Chonk, Youth, YouthChonk, Youth Old, Toddleedoo, Tweeneedoo can have a black and a white option to dress up for the event.

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4 May, 2024

Farewell Purple Sloth Productions!

While we will miss everyone who helped make PSP such a wonderful inclusive space, we will carry the memories and friendships forever! Thanks to you all! We leave you with these free gifts just wear your Purple Sloth Productions Tag to pick them up!

Cute Fort to hang out and play in wth our favorite sloth and hippo buddies.

Best buddies can stay with you forever and a matching cap with thier collectible buttons on it to wear in memory of the joys Purple Sloth Productions has brought you over the years.

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16 April, 2024

Fantasy Faire 2024 starts April 18th

You can find FlyingArts here:

Three New & Exclisive 100% RFL donation of L$149 each, these items include a cute home for Tiny & Dinkies as well as a Fatasy Hot Tub for biggies and one for Tiny, Dinkies and Titchy avatars.

New items include the Tranquil Tree where folks can escape to lounge, rest and just enjoy nature. The tree it self has menu texture change foliage. Only L$149 at the event!

Relax in a leafy hammock for only L$99 each.

Wearable little silly leaf vehicles are only L$50 at the event, so have some fun while wandering the fairelands.

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13 April, 2024

April PSP Group Gifts

Just wear you Purple Sloth Productions Group Tag to get these for free!

Boy and Girl baby dolls dressed in PSP pjs featuring Fonzo & Koko. Dolls have HUDs to change skin tones and hair colors. There is a Display, Boxed and Held doll of each included.

Cutie jammies for Bebe, Chonk, and Toddleedoo bodies.

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13 April, 2024

Menagerie April 2024

We are sad for this to be the last Menagerie Sales Event, but we have rolled pout some deals to help soften the loss.

Fonzo’s Playhouse come with the house furniture pieces and two boiys, two girls two fonzo and a Koko Doll to play with. It is only L$50 for this last Menagerie event!

Have fun playing with Fonzo, Buddy and your friends! This PSP play table gives kids hours of fun puzzling, drawing, snacking and more for only L$25 during this event.

Our favorite purple sloth is a pool floatie! Choose from a wearable set that float on SL water or a rezable set with multiple poses each set only L$25 during this event.

Adorable Fonzo sweats includes sized for Bebe, Chonk, Youth, Youth Chonk, Toddleedoo, Tweeneedoo, Tweenster Flat & Tweenster Chest. A steal at only L$25 during the event.

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9 January, 2024

New Jan 2024

Snowman Treat Tables and Hot Chocolate Tables:

Snowfence Poses for photo ops:

Cosy Seating sets regular & Tiny Dinkies

Snug Sets sized for Regular, Tweens, Kids and Tiny Dinkies

Fun in the snow with wearable items:

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7 December, 2023

The Menagerie Dec 8-22

Cute ornament frame with touch menu of 8 cute hippo and sloth holiday images. Only L$10 for the set for The Menagerie Sales Event

Only L$25 each some fun wearable sleds

Located nearby we do also have the regular and dinkies sized versions for the same sale price.

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2 December, 2023

PSP Fonzo Fest Advent Dec 3-25th

Free gift on the days at the store for those in the Purple Sloth Productions group wear your tag. Anyone can buy after 4 days for L$10 -L$25.

Dec 3 Merry Snow emitter touch to turn snowfall on/off

Dec 9 PSP Xmas Sleds
Set of wearable sleds with Santa Fonzo and Elf Buddy along for the ride

Dec 15 Fonzo Driven Sleds
Set of wearable sled with Fonzo driving and Koko sitting alongside. Touch for chipmunk Rudolph to play.

Dec 21 Holiday Hippos
Adorably textured hippo seats for the holidays

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1 December, 2023

December Freebees

Purple Sloth Production members can wear their PSP tag and get the cute set of Ornament Photo holders for free this month.

Anyone can get the cute Holiday chalkboard with a photo inset this month

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