4 January, 2022

Kidoodled Jan 2022

Snowy fun to be had with the kids wearable cardboard snowplow complete with snowflake trail and a choice of 3 cute puffer jackets each texture pack come in Toddleedoo, Bebe, Bebe chonk, Tweeneedoo, Youth and Youth Chonk sizes. All are exclusive to kidoodled and specially priced during the event!

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2 January, 2022

Okinawa New Years

Warm up in a tranquil Hot Spring this winter. Two sizes on offer one sits 2 reg sized avatars and the other sits 3 Tiny/Dinkies avatars. Also celebrating the year of the tiger is a cute tiger snuggly loaded up with animations and props to helpyou enjoy 2022 even if you are still mainly in the house. All are exclusive to the event and specially priced during it.

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14 October, 2021

Kodomodachi Halloween

FlyingArts is participating in the Halloween round of this new family friendly sales event. You can trick or treat at the porches of all the merchants for a free gift. Then wander the stalls for an assortment of spooky and cutie items.

New just for this event are three Halloween patterned hoppers sized for kids for only 99L each:

The free treat in out pumpkin on the porch is :

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7 October, 2021

Panic of Pumpkins Oct 12-31 2021

FlyingArts is so excited to be a part of the Halloween fun at Panic of Pumpkins this year.

Our trick or treat door prize which is free for one random day during the event and L$50 after is this cute mouse who wanders around with his Jack O’ Lantern in a wheelbarrow.

Our New & Exclusive to Panic of Pumpkins is our set of Broom Torches! They come in three sizes with flames that touch on and off on top of the head and in the mouth. The set will be sale priced at 150 for the length of the event.

Another New & Exclusive to Panic of Pumpkins are the reg and Tiny/Dinkies (Chibits can use this) Pumpkin retreat on sale at a discounted price at the event.

More newness that can be found at Panic of Pumpkins includes the Spider Set in both reg and Tiny/Dinkies (works for Chibits too) sizes. We will also offer the two sizes of animesh Skele Ginger Cookies.

New and on sale for only 99L is the Mummy Hopper, while last years cute Frankie Candy Cauldron Giver is also available at the discounted price of 99L

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